Michigan Duck Hunters Association

-- Chapter News --

DNR Filed Day - Perfect!
"We must have had about 200 participants this year... we couldn't be more pleased with the turn out" That, from Roger Courey Chapter President.  It was a perfect day for the 2019 DNR Youth Field Day at Sleep Hollow State Park. Kids of all ages enjoyed learning about ducks, dogs and habitat. The highlights were the duck recognition area and watching the retriever demonstration as everyone learned how dogs are trained to retrieve ducks and other game.
Many thanks to the members that participated to make the day a total success!

Vets Duck Hunt/Shoot.... Interesting!
"This is something we thought we would try..." that from Roger Courey Chapter President. "We didn't know how this would work out" continued Roger. But, it worked out just fine. The weather cooperated, and 18 Vets showed up to give this "new" type of hunt/shoot a try.  There was plenty of shooting even though several of the ducks made it out of the circle.  "Not sure if we will do this again, even though I think it was successful", said Roger.  It wasn't quite a duck hunt, but it did provide an opportunity for our Vets to get out and enjoy the outdoors and a chance to bag a couple of ducks for a meal. Many thanks to the Chapter members who participated with this hunt.

GRC Changes Name...
At a chapter meeting late last winter the members of the Grand River Chapter (MDHA) decided to change the name of the chapter from Grand River Chapter MDHA to the Maple River Wildlife Association.  "This name better reflects our chapter activities" said Roger Courey, chapter president. "We do so much at the Maple River SGA that our chapter members thought that a name change would acutally better reflect what we do" added Roger. 
After lots of discussion over the past several months about the area of duck habitat that the chapter supports and where our members hunt, it was decided that it was time to change the name. Over the past few years our chapter has teamed up with the local DNR staff to work on Maple River projects. Those projects have included, walk way bridges to make certain areas of the SGA more accessable to everyone, restoring existing hunting structures, improving habitat and adding duck boxes in strategic areas. In the past the chapter has also hosted, along with the DNR, youth field days.  Additionally there are future habitat and structure projects planned for the SGA.
Our website will also reflect the change with new colors, logo and other improvements.
Thanks to our members who have participated over the years and have been very active in keeping the chapter running and for their continued input and ideas.

Maple River Wildlife Association

2019 Chapter Golf Outing A Huge Hit!
With a forecast that was far from promising a few days before our event, the planning continued for our 2019 Chapter golf outing with the hope that we could pull it off despite the gloomy forecast! When the morning of (September) 22nd arrived it looked like the forecast was dead on!  The sky did not look good. With threatening clouds to the north and a radar that was lit like newly decorated Christmas tree we wondered if we were going to get this tourney in.... But by the time we hit the links, the sky began to clear, the sun appeared and you could feel the collective sigh of relief. Yes! it was game on...! The tourney started at noon, right on time and by the time it was over everyone had a great time. There were plenty of laughs, food, prizes and fun and everyone that participated walked away with something, either a prize from one of the many drawings and give-aways or memories to share.  All in all it was a hit! And our Chapter raised additional funds to continue to support our mission of habitat restoration, community education and providing hunting opportunities to our injured warriors.  We are grateful to our many sponsors for their continued support and to our Chapter members who volunteered to come out and make the day a success. In the end everyone wins making this years outing truly a huge hit....